Amanda Green – Buddhist Prayers

4 Apr

On my recent trip to India I spent a lot of time in the Tibetan colonies visiting the Buddhist temples.
I was really drawn towards the many symbols of prayer the buddhists use, namely the prayer flags, wheels and stones.

I will also put up the write up I have done to go with it and a layout of how I plan the exhibition to look!

I would appreciate your thoughts on the project as a whole and on which photo’s you think I should choose.


2 Responses to “Amanda Green – Buddhist Prayers”

  1. Anne Lister April 4, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    Of the A4’s my favourites are 9478, 9310,9602,0068 and either 9459 or 9457. but the overall arrangement will be a deciding factor in which formats(landscape of portrait)to use. Well worth the trip to India! Fab set, and very different.

  2. Elaine Mateer April 4, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    Hi and welcome back! I think this set of images is really strong and lyrical. I’ve been thinking about them as groups and 9616 would work with 9457 while 9459 would balance 0068.

    The strong lines and repetition of the stones in 9595 are great and would complement 9476 would make a strong duo. These are my favourites and they really drawn the eye in.

    If could were selling them as prints I think I would be purchasing 9595 or 9476 and 9602 would make a fab postcard!

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