Dave Allen – Demolition of an Eyesore (B/W Selection)

12 Mar

Still a bit undecided between colour and b/w. If it’s going to be b/w then these are my favourites.


Elaine Mateer – Garage Delight

9 Mar

Some more garage photos but this time featuring hyper real primary colours. I view these photos as landscapes, documenting a lifetime of collecting and categorising, but maybe not everyone would agree. Shot 2 is my favourite, depicting an organised kind of chaos and no.1 shows the garage exterior, which is easily the brightest door on the whole of our street!

Michael Baeron – Lit Turbines Lower ISO

7 Mar

It was clearish when I set off but whilst I was at the turbines the clouds came in. I stayed anyway and took 11 images in 3 hours.

I’m getting more pleased with the results.

Dave Allen – Latest Demolition Site Images

6 Mar

Some more images from today of the demolition site. I’m looking for a final image to indicate that there’s now nothing left but a pile of rubble. I’m liking the view in Image7 and will re-shoot later to avoid the lens flare.

Dave Allen – Jakoo Temple Shimla

6 Mar

Though not what I plan to use for the exhibition, I liked these images of Jakoo Temple in Shimla enough to have a go at editing them. I made this selection of 7 from 42 total images.

Info about the place can be found here: http://hpshimla.nic.in/sml_temples.htm#Jakhoo%20Temple

Elaine Mateer – Black & White Textures

4 Mar

When I was at home recently I ventured into the terrain of my dad’s garage and unearthed some unusual objects with contrasting textures in the process. My mum would go mad if she knew the contents of our garage was online for the whole world to see, along with my dad’s evident collecting habits! I think shots 4 and 5 are my favourite and I might explore abstract forms further and try achieve more surreal shots, as seen in no.8. I’m keeping in mind the exhibition at the Zion Arts Centre at the end of April too and hope to contribute images that are strong individually but work as a coherent set. Also, I don’t often use black and white but it seemed appropriate to emphasis the textures and shapes for this series – what do you think?

Amanda Green – Silhouetted Trees

4 Mar

Sorry, theres a lot!!
These were a bit more like what I was looking for originally, but I think I prefer the other set!! The soft hues.I might try cropping these ones with the same long thin crop when I get chance to see how they look.
I have also had another idea along the same lines of using trees and the thin crop, which I will try to shoot this weekend and see which set I think works the best.